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Wednesday, January 4, 2012 @ 09:01 PM
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We are getting ready for my favorite time of the year: The holidays.  It all starts with Thanksgiving and ends with New Year.  But whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Winter Festival you know very well that there is one common denominator:  Delicious food and lots of it!!!

Dr. T wants to remind you that there is still place for healthy eating at the Thanksgiving Meal and during the holiday season:

  • Main Course-If you are cooking a turkey or chicken or other meats there are now the hormone free, and naturally grown free range poultry available in the green section of your local supermarkets.


  • Sides: Look for alternative recipes to your common dishes.  Some feature healthier ingredients or substitutes for the high calorie foods.  For example if the ingredients that require butter or mayo: there are olive oil butter and olive oil mayo in the market.  The good news is that  all Thanksgiving foods can be very healthy:  Vegetables dishes like carrots, green beans, corn, pumpkins, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes are the popular side dishes.  


  • Fruits and Vegetables: Choose organic fresh fruits and vegetables.   Take advantage of new local farmer markets they are becoming very popular and I guarantee there is one near you. Visit http://www.localharvest.org/ to find your nearest one. If this option is not reasonable for you instead of canned veggies try frozen, but of course fresh is always best!


  • Drinks: Serve water, or naturally prepared juices (not boxed juices). No sodas, or other carbonated or diet drinks are good for children.


  • Desserts: For desserts choose fresh apple pie, fresh cherry pie, pumpkin pie and breads.  If you make it at home even better!  If you decide you want cakes and cookies it is time to get that the recipe book and make it yourself.  It is always healthier if you use fresh ingredients rather than from a box. If preparing cakes, or cupcakes you can substitute apple sauce instead of oil for moisture.  If the recipes require eggs use whites only egg.  Instead of white refined sugar use brown sugar. 


I am wishing you and your wonderful families a safe and healthy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for my family, patients, health, and to those of you reading my posts and sharing this valuable knowledge.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Edna L. Tello, MD

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