Membership FAQs

Q: How can we receive pediatric medical services with Personalized Pediatrics?

A: Personalized Pediatrics is a concierge practice that provides personalized services through a yearly family membership. The membership fee is not covered by insurance. Consider becoming part of a select group of families that are already receiving these exceptional services. Visit our website and then schedule a FREE consultation to see if this practice is the right fit for your family.

Q: What does the yearly family package include?

A: The yearly family package gives you the exclusive benefits of having personal contact with your pediatrician by phone and secured email; personalized medical consultations; easy access to your medical records; sick or well visits same day or within 48 hours according to availability. If medically necessary, access to specialists and special labs will be arranged in a timely fashion. Medical excellence and professional care delivered at home with the ability to answer all your questions and concerns. Immediate call-in prescription service to assure immediate access to your prescribed medications. Early availability of special vaccines.

Q: What if my child has to go to the hospital or see a specialist?

A: If the circumstance presents itself where your little one’s condition requires the care and attention of a specialist, Dr. Tello will liaise with a doctor from our professional network of referrals and assist with the scheduling of appointments and coordination of care.

If your level of need surpasses the level of an office visit and requires hospitalization, Dr. Tello will review your chart and consult with the on-duty physicians and staff to ensure you are delivered the care you’ve come to expect.

Q: Are there restrictions on which hospital I may use?

A: There are no restrictions as to which hospitals are available for your use, should the need arise. However, it is important to note that Dr. Tello is an active member of the medical staff at Coral Springs Medical Center. She is also affiliated with Boca Raton Community Hospital and Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. This means she would be your child’s hospital physician and provide the care your little one requires.

Q: Do I have coverage when I travel?

A: The level of access provided by Personalized Pediatrics extends to those times when you are traveling outside of the area, state, or even country. Although Dr. Tello will not be able to physically accompany you, it does allow for consultations by phone or email. In the event of hospitalization, the hospital physicians should contact Dr. Tello to coordinate your medical needs and appropriate levels of care.

Q: Does Dr. Tello have an office?

A: Personalized Pediatrics has an office for administrative purposes only. All the services will be provided in the comfort of your home. Dr. Tello currently has relationships with hospitals, specialists, and pharmacies, as well as contracts with local labs in order to provide optimal medical services. This practice has the approval of The Department of Health and the Secretary of Health, who clearly stated that the same standards that apply to a physician in a medical office apply to this practice.

You will receive personal and professional care by an experienced pediatrician: Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Diplomate of The American Board of Pediatrics, member of the medical staff at the hospitals stated above. Dr. Tello is an active member of the community and most of all a loving parent just like you. If you decide you wish to receive these exceptional pediatric medical services, please inquire about the application process.